Report Delivery Formats

Within 12 to 24 working hours of completing the payment process, if the report is already on hand or off the shelf, the report will be delivered by one of our representatives via email to the client’s email address. If it is a custom report, it will be delivered in the promised timeframe by one of our representatives via email.

If the client chooses to get hard copies, they will be charged delivery fees by us, which vary depending on the location of the client. CMI Consulting LLC will not be held responsible for reports that are damaged or lost in the mail because of an error on our part. When it comes to making a free replacement, the publisher is solely responsible.

There are two sorts of reports available with CMI Consulting LLC: syndicated and customized. For syndicated reports, we use our standard table of contents (TOC) format; for customized reports, we use a client’s specifications. You must agree to the customized TOC before making the final payment for clients that require customized reports. You can expect a report in the formats you paid for as soon as we receive your instructions.

Note that we will deliver the customized TOC within the given timeframe after it has been finalized. However, if extra requirements arise after the contract has been signed, the client will have to pay an additional fee.

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