CMI Research Methodology

As standard practice, we consider the supply side (manufacturer) and demand side (User) of the market to get the overall scenario of the industry. However, please find below the detailed research methodology.

 Our company follows a 4 step method to derive the market size of the market.

  1. Secondary Research:

The market data is collected through various paid and public domains, which include annual reports, investor presentations, press releases and financial reports. Furthermore, we have also access to paid sources such as Hoovers, Factiva, OneSource etc.

We are also associated with professional associations such as IEEE, market related journals, articles, certified publications and internal databases. We gather the market information regarding the renewable energy certificate market, parent market and related markets.;

  1. Primary Research:

We validate the collected data through the supply side of the market (Manufacturers, Distributors, service providers, etc) and the demand side of the market (users) to get a complete scenario of the market. Furthermore, we also gather key insights on the actual market size and impact factors contributing to the forecast data through independent consultants and industry experts. We conduct primary research in three ways, first is telephonic, second, we design and conduct surveys and we are also partnered with some of the key primary research providers.

  1. Market Size Estimation:

Once the data is gathered, we follow both the methods such as Top down approach and Bottom up approach to get accurate data. In top down approach, we gather the information on a global level, region and key segments operating in the market. Further, the data is further bifurcated into country level, type and application/end user industry. In the bottom up approach we gather the company level data (identifying the players and conducting interviews), key types and their usage in the application/end user industry on the country level. There are more than 30 players out of which we conduct primary with 80% of the players.  Apart from this, we also consider pricing analysis, key trends and positive and negative impacting factors.

Once the market size is obtained we again conduct another round of primary research with the manufacturers, industry experts and key consumers to validate the data.

  1. Data Triangulation:

Once the data is validated, we further study the market segments in detail and conduct primary interviews with the players across the value chain, to get better insights into the key segments of the market. Each segment is studied extensively and market shares are provided based on its demand-supply, pricing, specifications, market penetration and adoption rate, and key impacting factors. We also provide descriptive analysis and reasoning on each of the leading segments in the market.

Once the data is collected and validated, our in-house team of 10 research analysts and in-house experts conducts a discussion round where each parameter is studied and discussed in detail. Post discussion, the number punching is done. Once the report is ready it goes through 2 levels of quality check and then the report is sent to our independent consultants to add more insights and validate the data provided.

Some of the secondary sources are as follows: (but not limited to)

  • EDGAR (U.S Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • Eurostat
  • Factiva
  • Global Database
  • Hoovers
  • IMF
  • InfoUSA
  • InsideView
  • National Statistics
  • Onesource
  • Owler
  • Projects Today
  • ProQuest
  • S&P
  • Statista
  • The Manifest
  • UN ComTrade
  • US Business Database
  • WorldBank
  • Others

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